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cp veg oil delivery

cp veg oil delivery
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cp veg oil ecological

Our Delivery System

C.P. Vegetable Oil will review your consumption needs with you and evaluate any delivery and/or storage challenges you may have and will provide your own customized, hassle free oil delivery and storage system.

Our advanced computer system allows us to automatically schedule regular deliveries,
so you don’t have to worry about ordering oil again.

Delivery schedules and volumes are determined based on your actual consumption – no unnecessary inventory, just fresh oil dependably available for use at all times.

Delivery is also just a phone call away providing quick delivery for when your oil consumption needs are suddenly increased.

Our fleet of oil delivery tankers are all equipped with Federally calibrated pumps, governed by Measurement Canada – a Division of Industry Canada.

This ensures our tanker trucks provide accurate and detailed billing with each delivery.








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