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cp veg oil delivery

cp veg oil delivery
cp veg oilproducts

cp veg oil ecological
cp veg oil ecological

Our products

C.P. Vegetable Oil’s unique dispensing system provides any sized operation with top quality oil products in an efficient, economical and environmentally friendly manner. 

We can help you reduce your labour, handling, storage and waste disposal costs.

We offer a number of oil and shortening products, depending on your requirements. 

      •  Canola Oil
      •  High Oleic Canola Oil
      •  Sunflower Oil (non-GMO)
      • C.P. Vegetable Oil
      • C.P. Soybean Oil
      • Shortening Products
      • Custom Oil blends are also available
         to meet your specific needs.


Our Account Managers will also help determine exactly which oil product is best suited for you, ensuring both your operations and your customers are satisfied.

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