Our plant, our trucks and our staff’s working activities comply with the GFSI-BRC Storage & Distribution high standards. Proud holders of a BRC certification, we continuously work to refine our processes.

In terms of GFSI, ISO 22000, HACCP or GMP standards, our expertise in vegetable oils allows us to comply with the highest standards with regards to storage and distribution procedures.

Our quality assurance department works closely with our customer base to ensure our products and services always comply with the highest standards.

Quality control

Any product entering our plant goes through rigorous quality control before being stored and redistributed to our customers.

Food safety

Food safety is at the heart of our business values. Before being transferred to our customers, all our equipment goes through a thorough cleaning process ensuring the safety of our products.


One of our quality assurance department’s missions is to help our customers to ensure the product approbation and procedures are fast and efficient.


We have extensive expertise in traceability and food safety, and apply a strict methodology; this enables us to verify and validate each step of the process leading to the final product delivery to your facilities.

Our certifications