We offer a full range of vegetable oils perfect for all food, pharmaceutical, and industrial sector needs.

Canola oil

Perfect for most culinary uses, canola oil is our most popular product. Virtually tasteless and odourless, this oil has a good heat and cold resistance. Canola oil can be used for deep-frying, cooking or to prepare marinades, salad dressings or mayonnaise. This is the preferred oil in the catering and food processing industries, especially since it is cheaper than most oils on the market.

High stability canola oil

Designed for high temperature deep-frying, this high in oleic acids and low in linoleic acids canola oil is perfect to maximize the oil potential. Used in ideal conditions, this oil can deliver a superior performance (up to 50%) compared to regular canola oil. With a higher smoke point, it offers superior heat resistance. It oxidizes at a lower rate than a regular canola oil or soy oil, and offers a strong performance during high heat deep-frying.

Additive-free canola oil

Refined, bleached and deodorized canola oil

Soy oil

Very similar to canola oil, this oil is widely used in the United States. Soy oil is mostly used for cooking rather than deep-frying or food processing. It is also used in the pharmaceutical industry for various by-products.

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